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Go-maroc is an office that organizes special trips in the south of Morocco,   for a reasonable price. Go-maroc open the door for you to discover the real Morocco. For us, the tourism of expensive hotels with lots of luxury can not show the real Morocco. We propose another kind of tourism, in which the goal is discovering of the real life and wonders of Morocco. We can help you to discover real Morocco whether you travel individually or in a group of people and we can take care of the total organization of your trip to Morocco or just a part of it.

We propose tours that you will open your eyes to know the real Morocco! Our intention is to show to our guests the whole geography of Morocco starting sea, ocean and pristine beaches, the Sahara desert.and of course the impressive Atlas mountains. The culture Morocco is very rich To understand the culture it is necessary to get in touch with the people, with their daily life, architecture, the taste of the kitchen, the music and dances

Go-maroc has in mind the organization of your trip from arrival to Morocco until the last minute in Morocco. We offer three different types of trips. First for those who love nature, fireplace and sleeping under the sky ... Second for those who want to discover the true life of Moroccans and theirculture. During this tour is the opportunity to spend the night with the Moroccanfamily. Third ... Mixed between the first and second proposition.

Of course our goal is to satisfy our guests. If you have other suggestions andlending - we will try to fulfill them!

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Tel. +212 668 562 004